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What Can I Put In A Skip?

When you hire a skip from us – we want to ensure that you get the most out of your skip hire. To help, we’ve devised a simple list of items that are allowed and those that aren’t.

Items That Can Be Put Into Our Skips


We take tiles in our skips, whether they are from roofing projects or bathroom and kitchen renovations.


We can take paper waste, whether it comes from an office clearance or household clean-up, including old magazines and paperwork.


various plastics from lots of different sources, whether its de-cluttering old toys from the loft or plastic waste.


We accept all types of metal waste, including iron, aluminum, copper, and more. Common items include bicycle frames, bed frames, and construction scrap metal.


We take window frames or sheets of glass, we will normally charge additionally for the collection of laminated glass.


We are happy to take soil from your landscaping project or demolition work, but please take out large tree trunks.


We accept concrete, preferably dry and broken into pieces. This material is frequently encountered during home renovations or demolition projects.


We will accept all types of wood, whether bare or painted, including wooden furniture, fencing, and pallets.

Items That Must Not Be Put Into Our Skips


Batteries, such as lithium batteries, require separate, specialized disposal due to their extreme fire hazard when damaged or in contact with water. Please do not place batteries in your general waste or our skips.

Medical and Biological Waste

We cannot accept any hazardous waste, including human waste, toilet waste, septic tank waste, or any other hazardous materials from containers.


Asbestos is not accepted in any of our services due to its extreme hazard. Handling asbestos requires a specialist company equipped to manage this material safely.

Tree Trunks

We have a diameter restriction on tree trunks, so excessively large trunks and stumps cannot be accepted in our skips. Please contact us to discuss the disposal options for your tree trunks.


We cannot accept oil in our skips, whether it is in a sealed container or not. Oil is a hazardous substance that requires specialized recycling.

Food Waste

Food waste is not permitted in our skips, as handling it requires a specific license, whether it consists of scraps or excess items.

Animal Products

Animal products are not suitable for skip hire because they can contaminate the waste and require special disposal procedures.

Chemical and Liquid Waste

We cannot accept chemicals or liquid waste due to the risk of spillages during transit and the inability to separate liquids from other skip waste.

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